Pinterest & Daniel Craig

I’m having a lot of fun procrastinating creating boards for my novels and one for a short story, MegaCool, that scissors and spackle just published. My European publisher has one for our book covers.  I can’t draw well (think stick figures), so it’s an outlet to display images that I had in my head while writing.

Do you use Pinterest for your writing or at all? Have you ever created an image board before or while you’re writing for inspiration?

Just as sensory details enrich your writing, they can also enhance your writing experience, so light candles, put on some music, maybe have some fragrant flowers or incense in the room and enjoy. Keep writing!

3 thoughts on “Pinterest & Daniel Craig”

  1. Diane, as a writer struggling with a book at this moment, a lot of your ideas chime with me, creating a board for example. However, I do rather wish that you had gone into that one in a little more detail, as I haven’t heard of that method being used for a novel – and I can’t draw to save my life.

    I enjoy your blog because you actually go into the mechanics and logistics of writing and not just the usual, ‘How to beat writer’s block’, ‘How to access your creative self’ etcetera. I do not suffer from writer’s block or lack of ideas, what I do suffer from is a chaotic system of writing that really, desperately needs some discipline.

    I looked hard at your plan and apart from the fact that you appear to be terribly overstretched, it is practical and, above all, usable – now I have to try and adapt it for me.

    Thanks for the ideas and for sharing your experiences, I will be very grateful for anything else that escape that fertile brain of yours.


    1. Well, I’m experimenting with Pinterest and used it after the novels were written as another avenue for others to discover my novels. I don’t think I’d like to assemble images ahead of time – I like the fluidity of relying on imagination only, but certainly don’t knock it for others, especially if it works!

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