Guest Post from Grammarly: Are Style Guides Poisonous to Your Fiction Writing?

This week’s guest post comes from Nikolas Baron of Grammarly. Thanks, Nick! When I sit down to learn how writers write — their styles, preferences, and techniques — I fluctuate between feeling limited and focused. Most companies have official style guides to help writers communicate in a clear voice with tense, tone, vision, and style. SomeContinue reading “Guest Post from Grammarly: Are Style Guides Poisonous to Your Fiction Writing?”

The Unforgettable Image Part Two: The Link Between Imagination and Memory

by guest blogger Lee Stoops:  In our generation of images and scenes, we tend to recreate the things that have strongly affected us. I need to note something about cliché here. Something is labeled cliché when it affects (or has affected) a lot of people. The problem with cliché, and why it doesn’t work forContinue reading “The Unforgettable Image Part Two: The Link Between Imagination and Memory”

Wrestling Alligators

Here is the audio version of the prologue to my latest novel,WRESTLING ALLIGATORS. It’s a ways off, but am looking forward to recording all of my novels. If you are a voiceover actor, musician, etc., check out Zen Pro Audio. Warren Dent will take good care of you. Amazing prices and stellar customer service. (update:Continue reading “Wrestling Alligators”

Reading coming up at Roar Shack!

ROAR SHACK A Partnership with Portuguese Artists Colony Presents:   Home At Last   Sunday, April 14, 2013 at 826LA 4 – 5:30 p.m. Note Location and Time Change!!! Thank God for books and music and things I can think about. –Daniel Keyes Roar Shack is a collective of writers and artists, and over theContinue reading “Reading coming up at Roar Shack!”

so much &*^#$@%( hyperbole!

Want to stand out with your writing? Or in general? Remove hyperbole from your writing and, for that matter, your speech. Have you noticed that people now seem to be incapable of speaking without it? We’ve become gushers of adjectives, adverbs, and expletives. A touch of hyperbole can strengthen a scene, but if it’s notContinue reading “so much &*^#$@%( hyperbole!”

What’s the rush?

In the last post, I briefly addressed the dragging of feet that can go along with finishing your work or getting it out into the world. We cannot know if success will come quickly, after many years or not at all. All we can to is to try to be prepared and that means makingContinue reading “What’s the rush?”

Writing & Money

What is your relationship to money? We tend to accept it as a given that if we create, we will be poor, but what it we challenge that assumption? I contend that the traits that most often lead us into the arts, or at least into creating fiction, are many of the ones that limitContinue reading “Writing & Money”

And then what if…?

Curiosity is the engine of art. The desire to know or learn and the desire to create come together in the best writing. Probably the two defining questions for the writer are ‘what if?’ and ‘what happens next?’ To which Lisa Cron would add ‘and so?’ (read her book Wired for Story to find outContinue reading “And then what if…?”

Who Needs A Mentor?

I’ve been very blessed with great mentors. Rob Roberge and Gayle Brandeis in particular helped shape my work. Cheryl Strayed totally saved me in workshop – saved Growing Chocolate – with her suggestion to flip the last two chapters. I did have to go back and clean some things up, but that change kept the tone consistent allContinue reading “Who Needs A Mentor?”

Kurt Vonnegut’s Seventh Rule for Writing Fiction

We’re almost there – here’s #7 of 8 rules for writing fiction by Mr. Vonnegut as delivered by guest blogger Aaron Gansky. by adgansky 7. Write to please just one person. If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia. –Kurt Vonnegut Pneumonia, maybe, andContinue reading “Kurt Vonnegut’s Seventh Rule for Writing Fiction”