OMGWHATHAVEIDONE! Okay, I really do have some trepidation, mostly because I really don’t have an idea for the next novel, but idea or no, I begin tomorrow! Eeek! I figured it was a good way to start and to ratchet up the commitment, I’m raising money besides! (Note: my mentor,¬† Rob Roberge, would never supportContinue reading “NaNoWriMo!”

Portrait of a Bookstore

One of my favorite places – and most meaningful – is closing. Portrait of a Bookstore is the first place I gave a reading for my first novel, DEAD WEIGHT. They said at the time that it was one of their most successful events ūüėČ I love Portrait of a Bookstore – loved it beforeContinue reading “Portrait of a Bookstore”

Pinterest & Daniel Craig

I’m having a lot of fun procrastinating creating boards for my novels and one for a short story, MegaCool, that scissors and spackle just published. My European publisher has one for our book covers.¬† I can’t draw well (think stick figures), so it’s an outlet to display images that I had in my head whileContinue reading “Pinterest & Daniel Craig”

and then we came to the end

…but not of the blog! No, the end of your novel. How do you know when you’re finished? Last night, I had dinner with a group of writers and one reminded me I’d said I knew I’d finished my novel when I was so sick of the thing, I couldn’t go over it one moreContinue reading “and then we came to the end”

Writing as triathlon

The main thing I try to do is write as clearly as I can. I rewrite a good deal to make it clear. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†~E.B. White,¬†The New York Times, August 3, 1942 Courtesy¬† Writing a novel has three parts to it and was thinking how they’re each a marathon unto themselves andContinue reading “Writing as triathlon”

how do you do it?

Are you stuck in the doldrums and cannot finish your book? Welcome to the club.¬†I don’t know a novelist who doesn’t get bored, fed up, finds the energy is gone, etc. in the middle of a novel, not to mention sick to death of the thing after going over it repeatedly in the rewrite process.Continue reading “how do you do it?”

is fiction a lie?

Pet peeve – being introduced as a novelist and promptly called a liar. I don’t know who thought this was cute to begin with (I’m lookin’ at you, Albert Camus), but I’m taking issue with it. Merriam-Webster defines a lie as¬†1. A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood. ¬†2. Something meant toContinue reading “is fiction a lie?”

7 reasons annotating will improve your writing – UPDATED

The novel I just finished writing is a dark comedy about a group of siblings prematurely vying for their inheritance. I read a ¬†number of comic novels that dealt with crazy families, estates and wills, fights over money, etc. All of the authors taught me something useful and I found the process of¬†annotating (nudge, nudge,Continue reading “7 reasons annotating will improve your writing – UPDATED”

Happy New Year, new you, new writing

Do you make resolutions? There’s a lot of snark (enough with the snark already) out there especially about how resolutions are useless and meaningless, but I say they are a sign of hope and hope is a good thing. I don’t know how you have perseverance as a writer without hope. Hope that you willContinue reading “Happy New Year, new you, new writing”