done done

Well, done for now. The problem with novels is that you can tinker with them endlessly and it’s not always clear at first when it becomes counterproductive. HOWEVER, for now, I am done with Wrestling Alligators. I gave it to four trusted readers. They only had light notes, so I’m getting better at revisions. Then I read the whole novel aloud. Surprising what you catch (even after it’s been past 5 pairs of eyes) so it’s a technique I highly recommend.

Go read my friend Andrew Panebianco’s post, Six Degrees of Robert Langdon (Dan Brown’s protagonist). If you want the longer, juicier version, go here.

List of the words circled by David Foster Wallace in his dictionary.

So, the dreaded synopsis (is there a writer who likes writing them? no), a short bio and the first three chapters are out to an agent. As all writers know, Tom Petty was right.

The Norman Mailer Writers Colony invited me back (with scholarship) for one of their summer workshops, so am hoping the timing works out.  It was nice to hear that they consider my work the quality of a Fellow though they could not seat me as one of the seven this year. A week’s probably better than a month for me considering how busy this summer will be. See there? Things work out for the best.

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