At The Norman Mailer Writers Colony, we did an exercise based on historical artifacts from the Provincetown Museum. Since the Mailer website isn’t posting them, here’s mine. I used a painting by Charles Hawthorne, The Crew of the Philomena Manta. Usually it hangs in the P-town Town Hall, but Town Hall is being renovated andContinue reading “artifact”

norman mailer writers colony

In April I received an email: “…you have been awarded a scholarship to the Historical Narrative workshop led by faculty member Charles Strozier which begins on Sunday, June 27 and ends on Saturday, July 3.”  Out of the workshops offered, this was the best choice for a ridiculously full schedule this summer and it was a great experience.Continue reading “norman mailer writers colony”

road trip

Have been on the road (sans laptop). Drove some 4,000 miles around the country. The first leg was 2,000 in the South and I must go back. Experienced real Southern hospitality and some of the best food ever (special shoutout to Hank’s in Charleston and the John Rutledge House Inn). Toured Ft. Sumter, took aContinue reading “road trip”

done done

Well, done for now. The problem with novels is that you can tinker with them endlessly and it’s not always clear at first when it becomes counterproductive. HOWEVER, for now, I am done with Wrestling Alligators. I gave it to four trusted readers. They only had light notes, so I’m getting better at revisions. ThenContinue reading “done done”