The Unforgettable Image, Part Five

Here’s the conclusion to Lee Stoops’ great series on The Unforgettable Image. Hope you’ve enjoyed it and Lee, thank you so much! It was a real pleasure having you. Identification of Meaning’s Roots, Planting Your Own Think of an unforgettable image. You don’t need to go re-read the scene right now – I’m banking onContinue reading “The Unforgettable Image, Part Five”

The Unforgettable Image, Part Four

Here’s the next installment from Lee Stoops. Been a crazy week, so apologies for the delay in posting! Building the Case for Changing the Way We Think  We need to make sense of our perceptions. Imagination is the core of our human experience. It’s how we build memories and process. I’m not talking about imaginationContinue reading “The Unforgettable Image, Part Four”

The Unforgettable Image Part Two: The Link Between Imagination and Memory

by guest blogger Lee Stoops:  In our generation of images and scenes, we tend to recreate the things that have strongly affected us. I need to note something about cliché here. Something is labeled cliché when it affects (or has affected) a lot of people. The problem with cliché, and why it doesn’t work forContinue reading “The Unforgettable Image Part Two: The Link Between Imagination and Memory”

so much &*^#$@%( hyperbole!

Want to stand out with your writing? Or in general? Remove hyperbole from your writing and, for that matter, your speech. Have you noticed that people now seem to be incapable of speaking without it? We’ve become gushers of adjectives, adverbs, and expletives. A touch of hyperbole can strengthen a scene, but if it’s notContinue reading “so much &*^#$@%( hyperbole!”

Other Voices Writing Conference

Need to get away, refresh and write? Consider signing up for Other Voices Querétaro What you get? 10 days of structured activities with your fellow writers 7 days of workshops, 3 hours per day All “Wine and Publishing” Talks Mid-morning pastries and coffee on all workshop days Welcome dinner at Fin de Siglo Walking orientation tourContinue reading “Other Voices Writing Conference”

imagine that!

How good is your imagination? Did you ever imagine riding a moose in a river or lake? Why not? I mean, come on, Teddy Roosevelt actually did it (not photoshopped according to and Life Magazine) and you didn’t imagine it? Me neither! But then, I would have gone to the hospital if someone shot me.Continue reading “imagine that!”

the sin in writing

I’ve been following the Manti Te’o debacle for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that am a Notre Dame football fan and though not an alum, part of the ND family and have friends who are professors there. The truth will out, if not soon, then eventually. That’s usually what happensContinue reading “the sin in writing”

5 ways to help authors; 5 things for authors to avoid

Several times this past year, I had people ask how they could help me with my books. The first question I asked was whether they’d bought any of them.     No.      Well, there’s a start! You want to help an author, buy their books. Forget all the fancy posts on book marketingContinue reading “5 ways to help authors; 5 things for authors to avoid”

going deep

Why do you write about what you write about? What images or feelings stay with you after reading a story or watching a film? What genres resonates the most with you? Horror? Thriller? The life of the mind or the heart? Mystery? Romance? What feelings or images stick with you? Do you know why? WhatContinue reading “going deep”