• Creative Routines

          From Daily Rituals by Mason Currey

  • 5 ways to help authors; 5 things for authors to avoid

    Several times this past year, I had people ask how they could help me with my books. The first question I asked was whether they’d bought any of them.     No.      Well, there’s a start! You want to help an author, buy their books. Forget all the fancy posts on book marketing…

  • wallflowers

    Writers are not known for their social skills. Here’s an article on the 20th century’s most reclusive authors. However, most authors who last have engaged in a fair amount of self-promotion. Mark Twain comes to mind. And his autobiography is out. He would have loved all the social media available now. You can be reclusive…

  • not so odds & ends

    Great post on how different writers write – routine or lack of it, setting deadlines, using page count vs. word count. I use word count, setting a rough goal (for the next novel, it will likely be in the 90,000 range) and then daily and weekly targets. It helps. What do Cormac McCarthy and Flannery…

  • day jobs

    A half dozen famous writers and their day jobs, complete with salaries adjusted to today’s dollars. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. If green beer isn’t  your thing, here are a few green cocktails.

  • O’Connor

    If Flannery Had A Blog has excerpts from novels, letters, bios, articles, etc.

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