5 ways to help authors; 5 things for authors to avoid

Several times this past year, I had people ask how they could help me with my books. The first question I asked was whether they’d bought any of them.     No.      Well, there’s a start! You want to help an author, buy their books. Forget all the fancy posts on book marketingContinue reading “5 ways to help authors; 5 things for authors to avoid”

don’t strikeout

Last weekend, I attended the New York Pitch Conference. Just so you all know, I was terrified beforehand and that was after years of putting myself in situations where I had to pitch! I (mostly) got over myself via Women in Film back when I was part of a production services business. They had monthlyContinue reading “don’t strikeout”

in defense of physical books

“Those of you who are considering replacing your libraries with ebooks; think again. Your books are yours; you buy them, you own them, and they are the same, yesterday and today. They will not change, and they will not disappear, or suddenly be “pulled” or “unsourced” from you, as ebooks can be. And someday you may NEEDContinue reading “in defense of physical books”

what about all that advice?

Was talking to S the other day who said they (the infamous “they” again!) were telling a writing class that their first screenplay (in this case) would be bad. I’ve heard the same warning to new authors too, as if they should toss their first book. Sometimes it’s true. Sometimes it’s not. And what ifContinue reading “what about all that advice?”

Happy New Year, new you, new writing

Do you make resolutions? There’s a lot of snark (enough with the snark already) out there especially about how resolutions are useless and meaningless, but I say they are a sign of hope and hope is a good thing. I don’t know how you have perseverance as a writer without hope. Hope that you willContinue reading “Happy New Year, new you, new writing”

trust your reader

Read ROOM by Emma Donoghue a few days ago. The characters and story lingered after I finished the book, but now I find it’s fading fast. I believe the reason is that the way the book is constructed – from the viewpoint of a five year old boy – there’s no space for the narrativeContinue reading “trust your reader”


New look! Got tired of the old one and I know it’s harder to read white words on a black background. I like to change things up now and then. My annotation of Paul Harding’s TINKERS is up at Annotation Nation. I’ve been thinking a lot about narcissism and writers, especially since the Mailer Colony.Continue reading “narcissism”


My friend and mentor, Rob Roberge has a new piece up at THE NERVOUS BREAKDOWN on the ups and downs of publishing, including his experience with having his book cancelled. And yet there’s reason for hope. Go read it, especially for the reality check on how long it takes to get a book out. Also, pleaseContinue reading “publishing”