New types of search engines are popping up – this one shows you real time results case you need to check the zeitgeist. It is cool that it holds your searches in the left sidebar and you can return for updates. Obviously, Michael Jackson is the hottest search at the moment. There’s been a lot written about our celebrity-obsessed culture, though it’s nothing new (Lord Byron, Madame du Pompadour, Xishi’s extraordinary beauty changed ancient China, etc). Glamour, fame, money, yes, but it’s also easier to live someone else’s life. And on that uncomfortable thought, I’m going back to work.


Had to rename one of my characters about 130 pages in and found it traumatic. I’d gotten used to thinking of him a certain way. I should backtrack and say that I take naming characters seriously. I look up names and their meaning, I look at family patterns in naming children, and so on. I think names affect the reader on a subconscious level. So, neurotic me, I took a week to come up with another satisfactory name. One small complication is that I had made the meaning of the name significant, in a minor way, and wanted to preserve that little scene.

Upcoming news: I’m starting another blog in partnership with a talented writer so stay tuned for details when we get that up and running. Should be fun if you love books as well as the nuts and bolts of narrative.