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The Link Between Child Abuse, Depression, & Mental Health

  Another wealthy and famous person is dead from suicide. How much depression or Kate Spade's mental health played a part is speculative until those closest to her decide whether and how much they want to discuss it. And how much they knew. Someone with depression can be an expert at appearing fine. She was… Continue reading The Link Between Child Abuse, Depression, & Mental Health


What I’ve been up to

Sorry, it's been too long since I've posted. Been consumed with pre-production and crowdfunding for The Green Bench. Here's our video on why we care. Huge thanks to the family members willing to talk on camera as well as Sharon Dunas, former head of NAMI Westside and Dr. Stephen Marder, a psychiatrist who specializes in… Continue reading What I’ve been up to


The Green Bench Film

I wouldn't write the flash fiction the same way today. A few years ago, The Green Bench was one of those rare writing events that arrived whole. Adapted into a short film, it's a different story. The first draft I wrote was a literal adaptation - too one note, too depressing. The blessing and (if… Continue reading The Green Bench Film


when the demons win…

A lot has already been written about Robin Williams. His exuberant talent and kindness - our grief and shock. And about our misperceptions about depression and suicide. When I was in grad school, Marcos McPeek Villatoro gave an amazing lecture on mental illness and creativity that I wish had been recorded. He's talked about his… Continue reading when the demons win…


The needle and the damage done…

There's something about the passing of a master in a field you've been trained in that pierces the heart - not in the same way as family or friends of course - but out of a bit of knowledge about the journey, the work, the struggles, the process, the lifestyle. There are so many writers… Continue reading The needle and the damage done…