Vonnegut’s Third Rule for Fiction

Bad me. I’ve neglected to direct you to Aaron’s wonderful short story, An Affair To Forget. Only 99¢ in the Amazon Kindle Store! Now on to the 3rd Rule in his guest post this week: By adgansky 3. Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water. –Kurt Vonnegut ItContinue reading “Vonnegut’s Third Rule for Fiction”

in defense of physical books

“Those of you who are considering replacing your libraries with ebooks; think again. Your books are yours; you buy them, you own them, and they are the same, yesterday and today. They will not change, and they will not disappear, or suddenly be “pulled” or “unsourced” from you, as ebooks can be. And someday you may NEEDContinue reading “in defense of physical books”

B&N sees digital future

William Lynch is set to guide the retailer into a the digital. He’s just been named the new CEO of Barnes and Noble. I don’t have a problem with ebooks. I love my Kindle for travel, but I also love books. I expect both will be with us in the future, but traditional publishing isContinue reading “B&N sees digital future”

the e-reader

From old to new… First pictures of Barnes and Noble’s new e-reader.  What’s that, Kindle? You hear footsteps? The light at the top is a nice touch. I like my Kindle, but I’ll go have a look when the e-reader arrives in stores. It debuts October 20 in New York. National Book Award finalists haveContinue reading “the e-reader”