• Adaptation – UPDATED

    Last year, I worked on the screenplay for the short film version of The Green Bench. Unlike novels, screenplays are intended to be a group effort. Lots of people bring their abilities and you won’t be happy if you are not flexible. The major plot points and themes, yes, fight for those. However, if you’re…

  • Guest Post: Aaron Gansky, Stephen McLain & Heather Luby on Flash Fiction

    This week, I welcome back my sometime collaborator, Aaron Gansky (WRITE TO BE HEARD) who has a great post along with  Stephen McLain and their guest, Heather Luby discussing flash fiction, one of my favorite forms. In fact, I just wrote the screenplay adaptation for The Green Bench, which The Citron Review was kind enough to…

  • the citron review

    I have a piece up at The Citron Review. Their Fall issue is primarily devoted to second person point of view.

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