TED ache

There’s this thing that happens after a TED conference – it’s hard to return to normal life. It’s taken me awhile to get around to this post. There was a lot to process and I haven’t finished by any means, but here’s a bit about my experience. First off, Edinburgh is a great city and IContinue reading “TED ache”

TED Global and music

Do you know what E in TED stands for? Entertainment. I know, I thought it was Education. Nope. And I’m glad because all the artists enrich the experience. Not that I’m biased or anything. 😉 The music at TED was extraordinary and there were performances at each of the twelve sessions. This year, the performersContinue reading “TED Global and music”

I went to TED Global!

This year I attended TED Global in Edinburgh, Scotland. I didn’t really expect to get in (via application), but I did and it was extraordinary. I flew into London Heathrow the Saturday before the conference. Booked a hotel room near Bloomsbury Square and took the tube into central London. I ran into an art andContinue reading “I went to TED Global!”