the future is now

For awhile now, there’s been a murmuring in the background about onsite printing presses. Imagine walking into your local bookstore , ordering your book and it’s printed up for you on the spot. Harvard’s trying itAs is the Northshire Bookstore in Vermont.  Now, rare books will become more readily available thanks to the Espresso Book Machine


back to it

Went to a great reading last night. Richard Lange read from his new novel, This Wicked World and Dennis Fulgoni read one of his short stories (the link takes you to another of his stories in Two Hawks Lit Journal) Check out Book Party if you’re in L.A. for future events. Speaking of short stories, Tim O’Brien has a great essay in The Atlantic. Don’t be boring! Too many short stories are. Dennis’ was not.

Commiserated with one writer friend about working under the pressure of an agent waiting. Should not be a bad problem, but there are all those pesky expectations and hopes you have to put aside or the next thing you know, you’ll be blocked. Another kicked my butt about not writing enough. Okay 3 pages a day. I still have 2/3rds of a page to go, so back to it. Now go read the O’Brien essay.

more on the Google settlement

More voices are joining counsel at William Morris with concerns about Google’s settlement with authors that would allow Google to profit from digital versions of millions of books it has scanned from libraries.  The Justice Department is involved too. If you have questions or want to opt out, go here.

Could you toss a 500 page manuscript?

Review of Richard Russo’s latest. Something to look forward to.

Monday odds and ends

Good Reads has 10 Questions with Lev Grossman and 10 with Rebecca Wells.

Also Project2996 to post tributes to all who died on 9/11 is taking sign-ups.

Had a quiet weekend. Back to work on the novel after a hike this morning. I have a scene that’s become a bit ‘sticky,’ but I think I finally solved a problem and have a good deed return to bite a character in keeping with the dark humor so far.