Ignore The Shadow At Your Peril

On January 6, 2021, Georgia moved us closer to democracy than autocracy. On January 6, 2021, the Confederate flag flew in the United States Capitol.  On January 6, 2021, there was an attempted coup to subvert the election certification process in advance of Joe Biden taking office on January 20. Eleven Senators, led by TedContinue reading “Ignore The Shadow At Your Peril”

Mining During A Pandemic

For the past few years, I’ve focused on healing my relationship to money and of course the initial reason is never the reason. Money is a symptom of a self-love/care/esteem issues. It’s meant to flow – currency after all – and we experience problems individually and as a society when it doesn’t. In the drillContinue reading “Mining During A Pandemic”

Love – and don’t sideline – one another: CPTSD in the time of SARS-CoV-2

All over the world, we are seeing what it’s like when people withdraw into their homes. Some are homeschooling and parenting, some working full or part time, some having to do both. Many have lost their jobs. Some are alone, some with roommates they may or may not know well, others with family. An unknownContinue reading “Love – and don’t sideline – one another: CPTSD in the time of SARS-CoV-2”

Maybe my CPTSD can help you in the time of COVID-19

I’m calm. That might be annoying if you’re not during this pandemic. I’m trying to work out why I am and how that can help others who aren’t. First, why am I calm? I grew up with a lot of abuse: incest, ridicule, public humiliation and so on, primarily from my mother. As a result,Continue reading “Maybe my CPTSD can help you in the time of COVID-19”

Part 10. The Genesis of My CPTSD: Mother As Home Base

from Jasmin Lee Cori: The message associated with this is “I’m here for you.” When you really take that in, then even in adulthood you will reference Mother as the place you can always come back to for refueling, comfort, or support. When the world beats you down, when your marriage falls apart, when yourContinue reading “Part 10. The Genesis of My CPTSD: Mother As Home Base”

Part 9. The Genesis of My CPTSD: Mother as Protector

From Jasmin Lee Cori: With separateness comes danger. In the best of circumstances, Mother is there providing protection. A very young child often senses Mother as all-powerful. She shatters the darkness, shoos away noisy children and barking dogs. If the mother consistently protects the child from intrusive and overwhelming stimuli, the child feels safe. MotherContinue reading “Part 9. The Genesis of My CPTSD: Mother as Protector”