My Dad As A White Man

My father was born 118 years ago today. He’s been dead for close to four decades. My research for my trauma memoir, BAGGAGE CLAIM, coupled with the racial (re)awakening after George Floyd’s death, compelled me to take a deeper look at his life as a Jamaican immigrant in the United States. I learned that myContinue reading “My Dad As A White Man”

Women and Children First

Yesterday was a hard day. I was acquainted with one of the sixty women who came forward about Bill Cosby and have some idea how difficult it was for her and how much it cost her physically, mentally, and emotionally. Before the trial but after a news conference with the other women, I saw herContinue reading “Women and Children First”

I Am Not Who I Was Pre-Pandemic

I am not the same person I was when the pandemic began. I used to be a Catholic. It’s easy to get caught up in your own life and enjoy the music, friendships, serving, and more in a faith community, but when I saw yet another priest caught not only with child porn, but child tortureContinue reading “I Am Not Who I Was Pre-Pandemic”

Traumas Public and Private: What if the Inner Child Grew Up?

Is it time to give up all hope that this pandemic and its mandatory pause might help us build a better society? Seems like it. We’re literally coming out of this pandemic guns blazing in the United States. 45 mass shootings in 30 days. Then today, Kenosha and Austin, with Austin mere hours after TedContinue reading “Traumas Public and Private: What if the Inner Child Grew Up?”

Ignore The Shadow At Your Peril

On January 6, 2021, Georgia moved us closer to democracy than autocracy. On January 6, 2021, the Confederate flag flew in the United States Capitol.  On January 6, 2021, there was an attempted coup to subvert the election certification process in advance of Joe Biden taking office on January 20. Eleven Senators, led by TedContinue reading “Ignore The Shadow At Your Peril”

Mining During A Pandemic

For the past few years, I’ve focused on healing my relationship to money and of course the initial reason is never the reason. Money is a symptom of a self-love/care/esteem issues. It’s meant to flow – currency after all – and we experience problems individually and as a society when it doesn’t. In the drillContinue reading “Mining During A Pandemic”