Bowie (1947-2016)


Bowie in hat.jpg

The first time I heard David Bowie, I was a suicidal teen alone in my room listening to the radio. His music and his artistry changed me. His songs kept me alive when most of my plans involved figuring out how best to end my life. He showed me how much more there was in this world and that there was a place for invention, imagination, reinvention. The voice, the presence, talent, personas, fashion, all of it, made an enormous impression on me. He was the only musician I saw in concert more than once. I prefer new territories to revisiting and that was part of his genius – there was always new territory. The news of his passing was a gut punch. I’d just watched Blackstar a couple days before and it didn’t seem possible he’d leave us so soon. I loved the way he folded all his curiosity about the world and ideas into his art; I love it that as he faced death, he created Blackstar to say his goodbye; I love it that he was smiling and gracious right to the end. Rest in peace and thank you.

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