Crowdfunding Phase 2 for The Green Bench

Have been busy lately working on a non-fiction book, adapting the short film, The Green Bench, into a feature, so lots of writing. Also, we are collecting for post-production costs, including additional photography, color correction, musical score, editing and so on. You can go to this link to contribute: http://igg.me/at/greenbench/x/9140860

This film is one of the best things I’ve done on many levels, the first of which are all the stories I have been privy to. Just about everyone knows someone who’s affected by mental illness. Not all of the stories are sad. Some are great, but too many of the great ones stay hidden for fear of job loss, etc. It’s time to change that and we hope this little film helps in that regard. We will be making it available to mental health organizations for free after we finish the festival circuit. Some festivals have rules about the film being shown in other venues, which is why we need to wait.


Gale Harold and Keene McRae with director, Jim Likens