Why do you create? Why do we?

purposeWhy do you want to create? Why do you write, act, compose, play? If you don’t know, spend some time and get clear on the why. That “why” is the engine that drives you. It keeps you going after rejection – and rejection always comes. It helps if there is some aspect of service in your answer, some greater good. If it is only about you and you are down for whatever reason, you won’t be able to take action, keep writing, finish the book, the play, go to the audition or the gig. If it’s only you and you cannot show up or get yourself up off the floor, it all stops. If there’s something you a driven to say to your audience – do you know who your audience is? – that can keep you taking action regardless of how you feel on any given day. “They are counting on me” or “this must change” gives you power when your normal everyday strength wanes.

For the broader view, here’s Saul Bass’ Oscar winning short from 1968 Why Man Creates (yes, it is of its time)

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