Neruda interlude

EdinburghIt’s been a wild month. My application to attend TEDGlobal was accepted, so I will be in Edinburgh, Scotland mid-June. More on that in the coming weeks. I have been recording some of my work, but I also did one of Neruda’s love poems. I will be posting my own work in the coming weeks as well, but for now, some Neruda  If You Forget Me.

I have been taking improv classes and it will be interesting to see what, if any, effect that has on my writing. It has already helped in terms of public speaking and performance. I’ve always found the interface between different art forms fascinating. This weekend, I had the opportunity to take a few comedy writing workshops at IO West and the First Scripted Comedy Festival. The classes were excellent and gave me a new perspectivepedicure that I will be exploring this year. There was a fun exercise in one: write a letter to yourself from a body part or organ. I chose my toenails. It was fun. Sometimes, you just have to be silly to keep going.


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