interview up and other good news

Did a Mother’s Day interview on writing and producing for On The Page with my daughter. Many thanks to Pilar. If you’re interested in screenwriting, Pilar is as good as it gets, so look for her classes.

I now have multiple writing projects going, two in collaboration so it’s crazy, but a lot of fun. And a nice counterpoint to the long solitary slog of writing a novel.

So far, I am balancing by working half days on each one, depending. If it’s going well, I stick with it. I get a little superstitious on that front having had the experience of setting something aside and losing the magic when the writing is going well.

Speaking of things going well, the prologue to WRESTLING ALLIGATORS will be published in A BIRD IN THE HAND: RISK AND FLIGHT, a trade paper original by Outrider Press. The 15th annual anthology in Outrider’s acclaimed “black-and-white” series includes writings on all aspects of risk and flight, literally and symbolically, and is cover priced at $18.95. Will post the link when it’s available on Amazon. You can also find them at Chicago’s Printers Row LitFest June 4-5.

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