bin Laden dead – UPDATED

FDNY see the announcement of bin Laden's death Photo by New York Times' Michael Appleton

Each year on September 11, Project 2,996 invites bloggers to run memorials of two of the men killed in the Towers. The two men I profiled were Robert Halligan and Ehtesham Raja.

Tonight, President Obama announced that nearly ten years later, US Special Forces killed Osama bin Laden. Here are the words of some of the 9/11 families:  “It makes me sad it didn’t happen 10 years earlier. There is justice for our boys. There’s one less evil person in the world.”  and, “Ten years later, I feel a sense of relief to know they got the person who murdered my father.”

A friend (and New Yorker) who worked for the U.N. for many years noted that bin Laden could have chosen to dig clean water wells for example, something that would have made a positive difference in the world. Oh, that he had. No one knows what will happen next, but with the Arab Spring, the world is changing. Let’s hope it’s in a positive direction.

Report from Ground Zero tonight – bagpipers have called for a moment of silence, then play “Amazing Grace” and the crowd is singing along….

UPDATE:  Good piece from my friend Andrew Panebianco at The Nervous Breakdown and Robert Halligan’s son put up a blog post on his reaction when the BBC called with the news bin Laden was dead.

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  1. It was great news to hear, however it has made me a little nervous as to the retaliation we may see. I hope everyone stays vigilant and works together to keep our country safe.

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