Happy New Year!

What’s your incentive to keep going when the writing’s a tough slog?

I”m trying something different to start the new year. I was having difficulty keeping up with my writing schedule last summer into fall and then my mom passed away in late September. In taking care of all those details such as notifying Social Security, the banks and so on, (not to mention the emotional toll) my writing fell away. Since I already wasn’t writing, I figured, eh, after the holidays. So here I am and have teamed up with another writer for accountability. We send our goals out each Sunday and check in giving an accountability report with the work for the week attached on Friday. The new thing for me? Consequences! The writer who doesn’t meet their goals must buy the other a $5 gift card and that penalty increases over time. Yikes! Okay, I’ll write, I’ll write!

This week: writing 3 pages, applying for a fellowship, creating an Author Page on Amazon, and updating this blog. One down….

Oh, by the way, spent New Year’s Eve with family and friends, including one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive. Yeah, 2010 is going to be great!

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