College football gets going in earnest today. Irish are looking good after the first half.

For football season in general, a book edited by Adam Schefter, one of the best in the business:

class of football

Now then, about writing…

There are character prompts surrounding us. On my walk this morning, there was a man with two huge dogs on his cell (so loud I wondered if he needed the phone at all) complaining about his selfish parents. Saw him again at a different juncture in the hills – he seemed to be giving unsolicited advice, every word clear a block away. There’s the basis for a character, even a short story. What was he talking about? Are his parents truly selfish or not? What if he didn’t pick up after his dogs, how does that color the story? It’s not about the actual man, of course. You can take one or two features – the loud talking, the inability to go for a walk without a cell phone, the dogs, and see what kind of character emerges or build a story around the walk.

So what story did you come up with?

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