Spent the day on revisions. Revised the look of the blog too. Still playing around with it.

Had some great notes on GROWING CHOCOLATE, though it meant temporarily tossing chapter one and starting over. Took some time to rethink how to start it and was then  able to use probably 80% of what I’d already written, but that only worked because I was willing to toss it. Also moved a scene out of the epilogue – had to agree that epilogues need to move right along without extra information that slow the flow. Fortunately, there was a better place for it a few chapters earlier. Sometimes it’s a drag, but today revising was fun.  BTW, first time I’ve written an epilogue, but it works for the story. Gotten a lot of love over this book – now to get same from an agent and publisher!

Exploring Writer’s Relief. Will let you know what I think in a later post. A few friends from Antioch have been very happy with them for short stories.

More fires in here in California. Even though they are well to the north, the air in L.A. is full of smoke. Unfortunately, that smoky, orange light is too familiar.

Surprised (with everyone else) that Michael Vick got a 2 year deal in Philadelphia. Apparently they matched what he would have made abroad. Adam Schefter just noted, Week 13 in the NFL: Eagles + Atlanta = media circus.  Yeah, I’m a football fan, but my pro team is the Chargers.