Better days

Received the nicest note this morning from my mentor, Gayle Brandeis. She was full of encouragement, something Dorothy Allison spoke about when she came to Antioch last winter. We writers, all artists, have to keep encouraging each other. It’s daunting to keep creating when things take a dip as they inevitably do.

Just discovered Martin Levin’s blog.  I had the pleasure of meeting him at Book Expo in DC a few years ago. He’s a wonderful and kind man and knows more about the publishing business than just about anyone.

Okay, it’s a very busy day, already finished two paragraphs and the outline of a scene by 8 am: I need to write something early on so that if I don’t get back to it, I won’t feel like the day has been a waste in terms of writing. Kind of like exercise – get it done early so excuses don’t pile up. Speaking of which, I’m going for a walk in the hills.